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We will arrange both A/c and non A/c rooms with various premium features and top quality service for you as on request. A wide range of rooms (pricing between Rs.455 and Rs.8000) are available so that you can choose one according to your budget. With our online room booking facility, you can book your rooms before couple of weeks or even before couple of days as well.


Wedding Hall
We can arrange you the venue for the wedding ceremony with luxurious facilities as well. Both A/c and non A/c halls in various sizes are available so that you can easily stick up with a good one that falls within your budget. The marriage hall booking can either be done by placing a call or through our online booking system as well.


Sadhya is the traditional vegetarian feast served on a plantain leaf and is necessary for every Hindu wedding. We can arrange the Sadhya with several dishes as on your request. The price tag of Sadhya ranges between Rs.80 to Rs.255.


Stage Decoration
A beautiful stage decorated with flowers like orchid, roses, gerberas and marigold is one of the other important elements of Hindu marriage events. Our talented event management team is capable of making the stages elegant with ethnic and traditional appearance within shorter time.


Car Decoration
A floral decorated car is also crucial for a wedding ceremony. We can make your car more attractive and beautiful with flowers and ribbons as on your request.


Welcome Gate Decoration
With high grade decorative flowers and balloons, our well experienced team can make the entrance of the hall more elegant with a magical look.


Breakfast and Dinner
We can arrange all types of vegetarian dishes for your wedding events. You can also customize the menu according to your budget and preferences.

Our beauticians are highly talented and well experienced so that the bride and groom can appear with a unique and stylish look without missing the elements of tradition and culture.

Nadaswaram is another important aspect necessary for making the Hindu wedding more devotional and spiritual. Our Nadaswaram team is also highly talented and their service is available as on request.

Pooja Settings
All kinds of Pooja accessories such as Nirapar, Vilaku, Ashtamangalya thattu, 7 Thaalamm, Pookkula, Banana, Lemon, etc., are also available from our firm.

Welcome Drink
Our welcome drink menu is wide and includes various types of juices and other soft drinks so that you can select one according to your preference.


Our expert photographers have a well reputed history is undertaking various wedding ceremonies so that you can definitely catch all the precious moments of the wedding such as Thalikettu, Thilakam Charthu, etc.

Of course, the videography is also an important aspect of Wedding in these days. Our team of experienced videographers can capture every single precious moment of your wedding without disturbing the functions and deliver the DVDs within a couple of days.
Marriage Registration
Unlike the other event management companies in Guruvayoor, we can arrange the marriage ticket for conducting the ceremony within the temple and do all the necessary arrangements for registering the marriage at the Guruvayoor Municipality at the very same day.
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